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Products & Services

Our role does not begin and end with simply selling you a single policy.

Our unique process--Mission to your Prosperity TM-- begins when we first sit together. Through our exclusive Advantage Discovery  model we will come to learn about you, your family and/or your business.  We will come to understand your expectations for protection; your tolerance for loss and what you require an insurer to protect.  Through this progression we are able to understand your current situation and needs for the future.  We will develop a customized, affordable program for your personal and commercial risk management employing various policies and loss control techniques to protect the people and property that matter most to you.

Dan and Darren Reith and their staff won my confidence years ago with their ability and commitment to insurance and investments.  They have taught me that in their respective fields, all truths lie in the fine details.  Their comprehensive approach has served all my insurance and investment needs. - Paul K. Conrad, DD, CONRAD DENTURE CLINIC

For a review of the types of policies that can be drawn upon to develop your personal protection plan select Personal Services

For a review of the types of policies that can be drawn upon to develop your commercial enterprise protection plan select Business Services

Note:  the policies listed are a sample of those most commonly relied upon.  In some cases other products may be included for program customization.