Business Cyber Crime Insurance in St. Thomas

Small-medium enterprise are the largest targets of cyber attacks.  47% of Canadian small business allocate no resources to cyber security.  A well-crafted cyber crime policy is just a part of any over strategy we can help you implement.    

Business Cyber Crime Insurance

85.7% of Canadian companies experienced at least 1 cyber attack in 2021.

61.2% of Canadian businesses reported a ransomware attack in 2021.

The average cost of a ransomware attack in Canada is $1,920,000—including the ransom demand, downtime, specialists services, loss of business and reputation and equipment repair/replacement.

Now, we have your attention, let us provide you with the solutions.  We know that many root causes of cyber crime can be addressed without buying insurance.  It can be addressed by updating hardware and software, properly training staff, and implementing a sound regular IT maintenance program.  Once we have you sorted with this then we look at the insurance to fill any remaining gaps and to backstop the inevitable.

Our development team has a number of tools that you can implement.

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It all begins with our Cyber Risk Exposure Scorecard assessment.

A well crafted cyber crime insurance policy includes:

  • Breach investigation cover
  • Consumer notification
  • Credit monitoring
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Contractual liability
  • Other Key Coverage considerations  


Cyber Crime Insurance however is only a piece of the puzzle.

Our team has developed a collection of propriety tools and training guides that our clients can use to:

  • Assess your likelihood of a cyber attack
  • Identify your weaknesses and pain points  
  • How to alleviate loss due to cyber crime
  • Train your employees how to prevent cyber attacks and how to effectively respond should one happen
  • How to best protect the personal and financial information of your employees and customers
  • Tips for effective cyber hygiene    


Standard Coverage

Data breach liability

Legal expense

Network and information liability

Hardware/software replacement/repair


Enhanced Coverage

Crisis Management

Reputational Repair

Business Interruption/Income replacement

Digital Asset restoration

Funds Transfer Fraud and social engineering

Service fraud—Crypto jacking


Bodily Injury/Property Damage 1st and/or 3rd party

Network & information security liability

Regulatory defence and Penalties


Funds Transfer liability

PCI fines & assessments

Multimedia Liability

Cyber crime insurance is a specialty coverage.  Not all insurers that offer it are the same as other insurers.  You must read the fine print, or willing to rely on a Broker/Advisor that understands the differences, nuances and the true exposures of your business.  Cyber insurance cannot wisely be purchased based on price.  Coverage varies greatly and can be the difference between your business surviving a cyber attack or closing as a result of it.

We understand it.  Partner with us we can provide flexible and affordable solutions.

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1. What is business cyber insurance and why do we need it?

Business cyber crime insurance protects your company from financial losses resulting from cyber attacks, data breaches, and other cyber security incidents. It acts as a financial safety net, covering expenses like: Data breach investigation and notification Credit monitoring and identity theft protection for affected individuals Regulatory fines and penalties Business interruption costs due to downtime Legal fees and defence costs Ransomware payments (in some cases)

2. What are the risks of cyber crime for my business?

Every business, regardless of size or industry, is at risk of cyber crime. They may face Ransomware attacks: Hackers encrypt your data and demand a ransom payment to decrypt it. Data breaches: Sensitive customer or employee information is stolen or exposed. Phishing attacks: Emails or websites trick employees into revealing confidential information. Malware: Malicious software infects your systems, causing damage or disruption. Denial-of-service attacks: Hackers overwhelm your systems with traffic, making them unavailable to legitimate users.

3. How much does cyber insurance cost?

The cost of cyber crime insurance in St. Thomas depends on The size and industry of your business Your cyber security risk profile The level of coverage you choose Your deductible At Reith & Associates, we offer a free Cyber Risk Exposure Scorecard assessment to help you understand your risk and get a personalized quote.

4. What are the different types of coverage available?

We offer a variety of cyber crime insurance policies, like: Data breach liability: Covers the costs associated with a data breach, such as investigation, notification, and credit monitoring. Network security liability: Covers the costs associated with a network security incident, such as malware attacks and denial-of-service attacks. Cyber extortion: Covers the costs associated with ransomware attacks, including ransom payments (in some cases). Business interruption: Covers lost income and other expenses akibat of a cyber attack that disrupts your business operations. Regulatory fines and penalties: Covers the costs of fines and penalties imposed by regulatory bodies for data breaches or other cyber security violations.

5. Does your insurance cover ransomware attacks?

Yes, some of our cyber crime insurance policies cover ransomware attacks, including the cost of ransom payments (up to a certain limit). However, it's important to carefully review the policy wording to understand the specific terms and conditions of coverage.

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