Privacy Policy

Reith & Associates Insurance and Financial Services Limited is an independent insurance and financial services broker in the business of providing a variety of insurance and financial service products.

Reith & Associates has been in business since 1914; and is proud of its reputation for providing honest and responsible service and in maintaining the confidentiality and security of its client’s personal information.

As an insurance broker, we are licensed professionals and are committed to holding client information in the strictest of confidence. Our client’s personal information is used expressly for the purposes for which it is collected: assess current and ongoing need for insurance; risk management; and to assess a client’s need for companion products. It is shared only with those who have a legal and professional requirement to share in that information. Unless authorized by our client, as required by law, or required in conducting negotiations with underwriters, insurers or adjusters. Personal information is not shared with any third party. We understand and value the trust that our clients have placed in us over the years and it is our intent to continue to maintain that trust.

In the course of doing business, as an insurance and/or financial services broker, Reith & Associates needs to acquire certain personal information to assess need, risk and to develop an insurance program. We will only collect, use and disclose such personal information in such a manner that a reasonable person would consider appropriate. As information is collected, we will ask that you acknowledge this by signing a Personal Information Consent form. As personal information is disclosed to us it is recorded, in order that we have record of the transfer of information.

The law provides that one may refuse to consent to the collection of such information, to its use and disclosure. You must advise us of this refusal in writing with reasonable notice. However, at that time we shall then assess our ability to continue to act, on your behalf, and or work with you in the procurement of insurance and/or financial products and/or services depending on the restrictions imposed by your instructions. While we will only seek personal information that is required to assess need, risk and develop a program there is certain information that is a required minimum. If you refuse to allow this basic information to be collected, used and or disclosed, as allowed by law and/or required to act on your behalf, then it may not be possible to represent and/or work with you.

Reith & Associates is committed to the accuracy of personal information. We take great care when we enter into a client relationship to ensure all information gathered is correct. However, you have an obligation to inform of any changes that would be deemed notable. We are required to amend all information on file and where this information has been disclosed to third parties we will advise them of these changes also.

Reith & Associates is committed to the security of personal information. As we have conducted our business operations in the past, at the highest of professional standard, we will continue to limit access and provide a secure environment for your information. All employees are trained in the standards of PIPEDA and the standard requirements of our industry. Industry partners, suppliers of goods and services including software vendors have been verified as operating in accordance with PIPEDA. Reith & Associates destroys or erases any personal information that it is no longer needed. When information is destroyed care is taken to ensure no unauthorized access. Our people are committed to and our systems are designed to protect and secure your personal information.

To review your personal information we have collected, simply notify your broker/advisor. Basic personal information can be verified on the spot: address, phone, fax, email. More extensive information can be reviewed and verified by you making a written request to our office. The request forms are available from our Privacy Officer and there may be a fee assessed for the preparation of the requested information. You will be notified in advance of this fee. The fee is assessed based on the type and extent of the information requested. Normally, this information can be prepared for review within thirty (30) days; however, in some instances preparation time may take longer. In this event you will be notified.

At times, we may not be permitted to provide you with information requested. Some of the instances, which may prevent us from doing so, include, but are not limited to:

  • information that would reveal information about another party that is impossible to make anonymous
  • the information is privileged through client/solicitor litigation proceedings
  • the information is the property of another party and not ours to disclose
  • the information contains Reith & Associates’ confidential commercial or proprietary information, or if it cannot be disclosed for legal reasons
  • the information issued for the detection and prevention of criminal activity and dealings in the proceeds of crime

If you are denied access to your personal information, you will be told why, unless we are prohibited by law to do so. If you wish to appeal the denial of access, appeal forms are available from your Privacy Officer.

Questions or concerns with regard to our Privacy Policy, information held by the brokerage or the firm’s compliance can be answered by contacting our Privacy Officer.

The Privacy Officer can be contacted at:
800.396.5681 or 519.631.3862 or by sending a written submission to:

Reith & Associates
462 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, Ontario, N5P 1B9 ATTN: Privacy Officer.

However, should the Privacy Officer be unable to assist you may contact:

Federal Privacy Commissioner
112 Kent Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 1H3