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Looking for business insurance can be tough. What do you really need to protect yourself, your company and employees? We can help by understanding you and your business and design a solution that’s perfect for you. That’s what we call The Reith Commercial Advantage™.

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Business Insurance

Looking for a Commercial Insurance Broker in Ontario?

Looking to find business insurance tailored to your specific needs can be time-consuming.  We believe in making the process intentional, focused, and easy for you.  We can bring simplicity and affordability to what can be a complex and expensive undertaking.

We have helped many businesses across Ontario.

We start by learning about you, understanding your business, your expectations, and your desires.  That’s what we call The Reith Commercial Advantage™.

Safeguard Your Business

Running a business comes with many responsibilities and uncertainties.  While you are doing everything possible to protect your employees and your reputation and your family who is taking care of you?  

That is where we lend a hand.  Our team is your partner.  We ensure that when you suffer a business loss, a health scare or unexpected demise your business can live on leaving the legacy you deserve and your family the future you dreamed of.  

Our clients have benefitted from our experience and the many tools we have created to help business succeed. That is why 98% of our commercial clients renew every year with us.

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What we help with:

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Finding an Insurance Broker/Advisor

Whether an at home business or a complex multi-national organization there are many similar needs; but as your business grows there becomes different coverage needs and options.

Regards less of your business size or industry it is important to understand the NO two policies are truly the same or identical.  It is critical to your wellbeing that your broker/advisor understands the coverage you require and what is on offer.

78% of the prospective clients we worked with last year were underinsured and/or incorrectly insured for their expressed needs and expectations. Through our Unique Process, we uncover what we need to know to ensure your future prosperity


The Reith Commercial Advantage™

A bespoke program that encompasses the 5 elements of our full spectrum solutions for small and medium enterprise.
  • Offering a digital platform for those who desire an on-line or mobile access to documents, policy changes, claims reporting and generating pink slips and certificates of insurance
  • Ensures the continuity of your business and the preservation of your family’s quality of life
  • A holistic approach to commercial risk management through the application of our unique process and our exclusive discovery method of learning about you, your business and your family’s needs and future expectations
  • A team of dedicated professionals uniquely trained to provide an exceptional client experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need business insurance in Ontario?

Yes. Owning business insurance is important to keep your business protected from many known and unknown risks for as long as the policy term expires.   In the absence of one, your business may have to incur big damages due to third-party liability claims or other reasons and worse—shut down your business.

What does small business liability insurance cover in Ontario?

Standard small business liability insurance covers financial losses that can result in premature closure of the business.  With a small business insurance cover, you can cover liabilities like

  • Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance: Damages against third-party property damage or bodily injuries.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Damages against claims of professional misconduct, negligence or non-performance.  
  • Commercial Property Insurance: Compensates for unexpected loss to the business property due to theft, fire/water-related accidents or any such external event.
  • Product Liability Insurance: Compensates for bodily harm or property damage resulting from a product you’ve manufactured or supplied.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance: Compensates for the financial loss due to cyber thefts or online crimes.  

Speak to one of our insurance brokers at (519) 631-3862 to find what helps your small business.

What are the commonly purchased commercial insurance types in Ontario?

The business insurance cost depends on many factors like

  • Industry Type
  • Years of Experience
  • Physical Presence
  • Workforce
  • Business Risk Exposure
  • Insurance Deductibles
  • Sales Revenue
  • Business Insurance Claims History

Do home-based business owners should buy separate insurance?

All home-based business owners must buy insurance to cover risks since a typical homeowner policy does not protect you from business-related claims.

Get extra cover for business equipment, general liability, commercial cars or any unique risk and keep your business running without any interruption.  Talk to our business insurance brokers for the best suggestions.

Why am I paying more in business insurance than others in Ontario?

Every business is unique when it comes to calculating premium.  There are many factors that go into premium calculation such as:  type of business, years of experience, geographic location, type of building you operate from, type of goods or services sold and where you sell the,, gross annual sales, & claim history to name but a few.

At Reith & Associates our advice is fair, unbiased and always intended to serve the client.

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