Commercial Auto Insurance

A single vehicle or a complex fleet we can deliver flexible and affordable solutions

Commercial Auto Insurance

We help you buy commercial auto insurance in Ontario

A single utility vehicle, a fleet of trucks or tractors & trailers, your business requires sufficient coverage to keep the fleet running.

At Reith & Associates, we have been working with fleet owners for over 100 years.  We understand what is needed to protect your trucks, tractors, trailers and other heavy units as well as the cargo you carry.

Let us do the work for you.  Your time is better spent building your business and being with your family.  We do the shopping, we develop a plan that is affordable and flexible while meeting your needs and expectations for today and your future.

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We partner with industry-leading insurers to develop commercial auto insurance coverage that meets your needs today, yet which is flexible to respond to your needs as your business grows and changes.  

Let us do the shopping and provide the options; so you can focus on growth and time with family.


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We have 100+ years of industry experience in protecting your business interests. You can trust us with your business insurance needs.

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We’re the most award winning insurance broker in St. Thomas & London region. & We refuse to stop working towards excellence and earning industry appreciation.


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Bundle your insurance policies with us, business property/liability and business vehicles and save!  We will always present flexible and affordable solutions for your commercial auto insurance.

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Your business information is protected from unauthorized access, data theft or any unethical activity. Trust us with your auto insurance needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Does my business need commercial auto insurance in Ontario?

You need a commercial insurance policy if the vehicles are used for:

  • Commercial purposes like carrying goods, machines, tools, vehicles, oil, hazardous material or involved in direct or indirect trade in the market.
  • Trucking and freight transportation
  • Public or community services like transport buses for schools, colleges, etc.
  • Taxi or cab service
  • Towing vehicles
  • Local delivery services like grocery, medicines, pizza, etc.
  • Business vehicles that are registered as commercial vehicles in the city or state.

For more information, find a broker 24*7 with Reith & Associates.

Does commercial vehicle insurance cover cars used for personal use?

d if the vehicle is covered under a commercial auto insurance policy in Ontario. You can also buy a personal auto insurance policy if you occasionally drive your personal car for business purpose.

Talk to your insurance agent or find a broker to know if your current commercial auto insurance policy covers personal use or not.

What does standard commercial auto insurance cover?

It is no different than your auto policy and generally covers

  • Personal injury to drivers, passengers or those injured on the road
  • Vehicle damage
  • Property damage
  • Medical payments
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Towing and labour expenses

Please talk to your insurance agency or an insurance broker to learn more about the policy terms and conditions.

Why is commercial car insurance expensive than auto policy?

The standard cost of commercial car insurance depends on various factors including but not limited to

  • Type/number of vehicles ( fleet size)
  • Business size
  • Liability risks
  • Level of insurance coverage your business needs

In comparison to your personal vehicles, commercial cars or fleet are at a higher risk of causing damage and thus needs extensive insurance coverage

For instance, a truck carrying inflammable gas needs more insurance coverage to compensate for the loss it may cause if it meets with a road accident. Whereas a two-wheeler or personal vehicle has reasonably lesser liability risk.

What is a garage auto liability insurance policy?

Garage auto liability insurance policy covers parked vehicles under repair, maintenance, or are up for sale — but owned by others or the shop owners.

For businesses like automobile dealers, vehicle repair shops, car service stations, and parking space owners, talk to an insurance broker for policy options available in Ontario.

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