Continuity & Succession Planning

Often overlooked by many entrepreneurs.

Business Succession Planning 

Your business is your life’s work. 

Why loose it all to an unexpected circumstance.  

If you become ill and unable to lead what happens? How will operations be funded?

Are you thinking of taking more time away from work? Giving your children, or trusted key employees, more responsibility in the family business? How do you want your business to succeed you? 

There are certain costs and tax consequences with an inter-generational transfer of ownership within your family or to key employees? We have the tools and expertise to make the process simple and tax efficient

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Business Succession is planned for. It is an art.

First, we must balance the notions of “fair” and “equitable” when considering ownership transfers within the family.  It may be there are  children/family members working in the business and children/family members that do not. 

Next, there is the issue of trusted key employees, and what role they may play in long-term future ownership of your family business.  Regardless, there are certain costs and tax consequences of an inter-generational ownership transfer.  

We have the tools and the expertise to provide tax efficient solutions.  We have considerable experience in this field, after all, we have successful transitioned our family business across 4 generations over the past 100+ years.

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