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We offer Ontario car insurance quotes online, over the phone or in person.  Its about providing you with the level of service you enjoy.We shop all of our markets, providing you with choice to empower your buying decision.We take the complexity out of the process.

Car Insurance

Having Auto Insurance in Ontario is the law.  

It is complex because it protects the vehicle, the driver, and the passengers.

You need capable advice when making a buying decision. The lowest price is not always what is best for you!

Whether you enjoy driving your sedan, sports car, pick-up or motorcycle the law says it must be insured to drive in Ontario.  There are many variables to are used to calculate a premium.  Something as simple as the use of a vehicle and/or where it is garaged can have a considerable impact on the annual premium; not mention the claims and conviction history of the primary or secondary driver.  As well, we need consider if you want the car repaired or replaced after an insured loss and to level of support do you need after you or a passenger is injured in an auto accident.  

Generally, the basic coverage that most insurers offer is insufficient.  That is why our Broker/Advisors understand Ontario auto insurance.  We take the time to get to know you and understand what your needs and expectations are in the event of an insured loss.  Ontario auto insurance is expensive so it is necessary to ensure the coverage is right, the policy is flexible to evolve with your needs and the price meets your budget.

We can do that.  We’ve been helping Ontario families with their auto insurance for over 100 years.

Do you want auto insurance in London or anywhere in Ontario? Save your time and efforts by reaching out to Reith & Associates 24*7.  You can also download our app and get instant answers to all your questions and concerns.

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What does standard auto insurance cover in Ontario

Auto insurance is mandatory in Ontario.  The standard or minimum coverage allowable is:

Third-Party liability for bodily injury and property damage of $200,000  

Standard Accident Benefit

Direct Compensation & Property Damage Coverage

Collision and Comprehensive coverage is only required if the vehicle is financed and then it is the lender that requires it

Rarely, is the standard or minimum coverage sufficient to protect the average Ontario driver and their family.

This is why you need an Insurance Broker/Advisor to make the appropriate coverage recommendations for the add-ons and enhancements that can be relied upon to not only repair/replace your vehicle but also provide sufficient to restore your lost income and ensure sufficient medical care and rehabilitation coverage while your recover.    

Let us do your shopping.  Sharing some key personal information will a long way to helping us better understand your situation, expectations, and needs.  With that, we can recommend a coverage plan that is flexible and affordable.

We have been doing this for Ontario families for over 100 years!

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Frequently asked questions

How are auto insurance online quotes calculated in Ontario?

We have partnered with Ontario’s leading auto insurance companies to offer you competitive terms and pricing.  Premiums are calculated based on a number of criteria including, but not limited to:

Vehicle Type: The type of car influences how much you have to pay to cover its risks. For instance, a luxury car would need more insurance coverage than a motorcycle.

Driving Distance: Are you driving local or used for traveling out the town? Driving on rough terrains put your vehicle at a higher risk than driving down to the nearest shopping mall.  If you are using the car for business purpose, you need bigger coverage and should buy commercial auto insurance in Ontario.  

Driving History: You should have a driving license. If you have a clear track record with no previous auto insurance claim, you will pay lower premiums than those who have been involved in car accidents in Ontario or anywhere else.

Demographics: Studies show younger drivers are susceptible to poor driving and likely to be involved in road accidents.  Anyone over the age of 25 or more are considered responsible drivers and are likely to pay less in premium.

Risk Coverage:  The larger the risk, the more you will pay in car insurance in Ontario.  A premium or luxury car needs extra coverage than your family car or even motorcycle.

Discounts:  The best car insurance companies in Ontario offer special discounts which vary from customer to customer. For instance, if you buy home and auto insurance in Ontario from the same insurance company, you are eligible for handsome discounts.  Do not hesitate asking your insurance company.

What information do you need to calculate premium on car insurance?

The following details are generally asked from the best car insurance companies in Ontario for premium calculation:

  1. Your age, gender and marital status
  2. Your permanent address for correspondence
  3. Your vehicle type, make and model
  4. The number of years you are driving the vehicle as a licensed driver in Ontario
  5. Your auto insurance claims record

Please be assured that your personal information is safe and secured with us. We do not share it with any other service provider or for any other purpose beyond the one you are providing the information for.

What is not covered in a standard car insurance in Ontario?

At Reith & Associate we design auto insurance policies specifically to meet the needs of the individual and their family.  So, there is no generic answer to this question.  What is and is not included in your policy will be determined on what you educate us as your personal needs and expectations.

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