Concierge Advantage™

Our Concierge Advantage program provides businesses and families with an enriched client experience, connecting them to solutions and supports that will enhance their future.  

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Concierge Advantage™

Concierge Advantage™ combines our exceptional client experience with a bundle of valuable benefits giving even greater attention to your, your family and your business.

Concierge Advantage™ is available for those who wish to participate as it is provided for an annual fee which is additional to any policy premium.

Your annual fee is negotiated  each year and as based on the specifics needs and expectations of the client.

This additional level of care and service can be enjoyed by any Reith & Associates client.  It is all a part of the ReithAdvantage.  

Together we review coverage, returns and plan details to ensure your program continues to align with your business and lifestyle needs.  The frequency with which we meet is determined by your desire and complexity of your program.

* Concierge Advantage™ annual program fee is negotiated annually with the client and is based on the specifics of your individual program.