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Home Insurance

A home is often your single most valuable investment.

Are you prepared to lose it because the coverage you need wasn’t available through that inexpensive policy you chose?

Home is insurance is very much “one gets what one pays for”.  No two policies are identical.  82% of prospective home insurance clients we quoted last year were underinsured!  A fire or overland flood would have cost them everything.

We take the complexity out of shopping for house insurance—because we do the shopping for you.

We ask the right questions to understand your needs, expectations and how to develop an affordable and flexible insurance plan.

We will provide you with options to empower your buying experience.

We assist in the claims in process to ensure the policy provides what you are owed  

We have been doing it for over 100 years.

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What kind of Home Insurance Policy works best for a home in Ontario?

It depends on your personal situation, needs and expectations.

In keeping with our Unique Process, we will assess your current situation, ask the right questions to learn more about you and what your future expectations are’ with that we can provide options for what works best for you.

We will always provide coverage and pricing options for what is available in our market to help empower your buying decision.  

Home insurance can take the form of a homeowner’s policy; a renters policy or  a condo owners policy.  Where you have additional homes, we can consider cottage or seasonal homes, secondary residences, or trailer insurance.

By sharing your information with one of our Broker/Advisors we can shop our marketplace for you and explain the options available for Ontario home insurance.

Our Purpose: Providing an affordable and flexible option for your home insurance

Upgrade the home insurance cover

Not all Ontario home insurance policies are equal. You can cover for basic perils or customize the policy with specific risks like:

Whether a single-family home, condo, apartment or luxury villa, we can help with a tailored home insurance policy that safeguards your property for maximum perils and for a long time.

While you can’t prevent all the damages, you can claim financial compensation for what is not your fault and live a comfortable life. Talk to one of our insurance brokers to decide on the best home insurance investment in Ontario.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need home insurance in Ontario?

There is no law that mandates homeowners to buy insurance in Ontario. Yet, having one compensates you in the event of any theft, fire/water accidents, or other risks. The damages received can be used for repairs, renovation or to buy a new home. Also, it provides extra assurance to banks or mortgage lenders.

How do you calculate the home insurance cost?

It depends on a number of factors like:

  • Location: If the area and neighbourhood are prone to fire/water damage, theft, vandalism, or other risks, you will have to pay more than relatively safe and secured locations in Ontario.
  • Replacement value: a bigger and extravagantly built home requires more home insurance than others
  • Age: Old and poorly-built homes are at a higher risk and hence would need more for their repairs and replacement.
  • Existing Condition: When was the last time you replaced electrical, plumbing and heating systems? All such factors decide if and to what extent your house is likely to face a gas leak or fire accident.
  • Pets: If you own an aggressive breed, you’re personally liable to medically compensate in the event of dog bites.
  • Policy types: From basic, broad to comprehensive, you can choose to invest in a policy that covers maximum risks and gives you complete peace of mind.
  • Claims history: Most home insurance companies in Ontario examine your claim history to determine if you paid the premiums on time and/or if you were entangled in any controversy.
  • Pools & similar outdoor accessories: A swimming pool increases the risk of the accidental drowning of pets, kids, the elderly and those who do not know how to swim. Likewise constriction of a deck, gazebo or sheds will shoot your home insurance premium.
  • Additional coverage: If you have specific needs like running a home business out of the property, keeping tenants, housing expensive antiques, wine, or art pieces, extra coverage should be considered.

Is home insurance premium tax-free in Ontario?

While the cost of home insurance is not deductible from your income tax, what can be deducted is the portion of the premium and related proportional Provincial Retail Sales Tax that relates to the square footage of the home that is dedicated to your business.  

In addition, you can deduct the full amount of the home-based business insurance if not already included in the $1,000 home insurance premium.  It is BEST and recommended to always consult your personal tax advisor before recording deductions.

What is not covered under standard home insurance?

  • Mould growth: It is the result of the negligence of homeowners and hence is not usually covered by most home insurance policies.
  • Pest or rat infestation also comes under the same category. The damage is preventable if the homeowners pay attention to regular cleaning and building maintenance.
  • Regular wear and tear: Keeping your home protected from common issues like leaky taps, tanks and roofs is the duty of owners. Most home insurance companies in Ontario will outright reject such claims.

Which company offers the best deal on bundled home and auto insurance in Ontario?

Home and auto insurance are one of the popular insurance bundles in Ontario for they can help you save money on both policies.

There are many companies like Aviva, Intact, Gore and Unica which are preferred for home and auto insurance bundles. Each has its unique features and discounts that are worth considering.

Reach out to Reith & Associates. Our insurance brokers will compare the top policies to help you purchase the best home and auto insurance in Ontario.

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