Personal Insurance

This is the insurance that protects and maintains your lifestyle.  Your time is better spent with your family than worrying about such things. The Reith Personal Advantage™ lets that happen.

Personal Insurance

Life Can Be Complicated.

Buying the insurance to maintain your lifestyle does not have to be.

You have worked hard, time is precious. You have achieved a certain status and certain pleasures that go along with it.  It’s time to enjoy them.

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What is covered under personal insurance:

Personal insurance is Lifestyle protection and continuation insurance.  

We understand it.  We know how to make it flexible, affordable and just right for your family.

We present comparisons of coverage options and pricing to simplify your buying decision.

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Get the Reith Personal Advantage™

A bespoke program that encompasses the key elements of our full spectrum solutions for individuals and families.
  • Offering a digital platform for those who desire on-line or mobile access to documents, policy changes, claims reporting and generating pink slips
  • Ensures the continuity of your family’s quality of life and dignity after a loss
  • A holistic approach to personal risk management through the application of our unique process and our exclusive discovery method of learning about you, your family and your family’s needs and future expectations
  • A team of dedicated professionals uniquely trained to provide an exceptional client experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What is personal insurance?

Personal insurance compensates for the damage or loss of personal assets as the name suggests. It includes life, health, home, vehicles, property and business. One can customize the policy with add-ons to achieve their unique needs for personal insurance.

Do I need personal insurance in Ontario?

Yes. Your life holds value to the people who are dependent on you for their basic needs and practically, everything.

By buying personal insurance in Ontario, you are providing financial security to your family in the event of a serious accident that leaves you disabled, your untimely death or damage to any of the personal assets like home and auto.  

Speak to one of our insurance brokers for more information.

What does personal insurance cover?

You can practically cover anything that you own like your life, health, home, car, and business. There are many add-ons available to cover specific risks to your life.  Reach out to us for your custom-tailored personal insurance coverage.

How can I reduce personal insurance costs in Ontario?

  1. Compare different insurance service providers for optimal coverage at competitive rates.
  2. Request for higher deductibles that save money on paying monthly/annual premiums.
  3. Reduce coverage for assets that are old and damaged like an old house or car.  Do not forget to review your insurance needs at the renewal time.
  4. Save money on bundled policies like buying home and auto insurance in Ontario from the same provider.
  5. Maintain a good credit score by timely premium payments and fewer insurance claims.
  6. Do not hesitate to ask for discounts like low annual mileage and no insurance claims for 3 or 5 years.

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