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Property Insurance

Protect your property against all odds

You’ve worked hard to build a home or business but what if it burns down in ashes on some fateful day? We are never prepared for such tragedies but you can salvage a significant part of your investment if you have a property insurance cover.

At Reith & Associates, we help you buy Ontario’s best property insurance policy that covers maximum risks like but not limited to

  • Fire or water-related events
  • Theft or burglary
  • Vandalism
  • Explosions Temporary accommodation
  • Personal liability

Whether you reside on the property or renting it out to someone else, you have the right to claim damages if something unthinkable happens.

And our insurance brokers help you with that.

We assess your needs and employ a well-thought-out approach to find a property insurance policy at competitive market rates in Ontario.

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Select the right commercial auto insurance in Ontario

Commercial insurance is no longer an option for business owners if they have vehicles running on roads —local, inter-or-intrastate commercial traveling.

They are valuable business assets that need to be protected against uncertainties like a road accident that causes damage to the vehicle, any property or even human life.

At Reith & Associates, we can help you select the best commercial auto insurance policy, tailored for your business needs.

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We have 100+ years of industry experience in protecting your business interests. You can trust us with your business insurance needs.

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Bundle up business insurance policies & save big. We’ll do a review & get your maximum savings without altering the coverage.

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Your business information is protected from unauthorized access, data theft or any unethical activity. Trust us with your auto insurance needs.

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We value our clients and so do they. Check our customer reviews that are a testament of dedicated & our professional services.

Get tailored commercial insurance in Ontario

Businesses evolve and so do their needs. Standard commercial insurance thus may not protect your business from emerging risks. A tailored commercial insurance policy adapts to your changing business needs and provides optimal coverage.

Whatever be the size, location, or industry you’re into, our insurance brokers will understand your unique business needs to craft a tailored commercial insurance policy that ticks maximum boxes for you.

At Reith & Associates, we have many commercial insurance options for your business to protect their property, assets, and services. We may many big insurance brands as partners, but are driven to work in the best interest of our clients.

Talk to one of our representatives and share your commercial insurance needs in Ontario to get started.

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Basic, broad or comprehensive property insurance — we can help you decide.

Your property needs to be protected. Be it theft, physical damage or any other specific coverage your property needs, our registered insurance brokers can guide you through.

Basic Coverage:
It covers damages caused by fire accidents, lightning, smoke, wind storms, hail explosions, civil commotion, aircraft strikes, theft, vandalism, vehicles banging the property and volcano eruptions. You can only choose one of the options.

Broad coverage:
It covers some more risks in addition to what’s covered in basic coverage, namely falling objects, heavy ice cover, snowfall, an accidental burst of water or gas pipes and electric shocks.

Comprehensive coverage:
It is the most popular property insurance in Ontario for reasons we are about to share. It is an open perils policy that covers almost all sorts of property damages including the valuables stored.

Share your coverage needs with our insurance broker and we can share all the feasible property insurance options in Ontario you can have.

Step-up Property Insurance with Add-ons

Protect your property in ways more than one. Select add-on insurance coverage for a tailored property insurance policy.

Whether you own a small home or an opulent commercial site, keeping what you value the most, safe and secured from damages and unexpected incidents is your duty. One can’t undo the property damage but you can recover a handsome sum of money for repairs, renovations or even for buying a new property.

We can be your steady partner in the journey. From buying a policy to filing claims and more, talk to one of Ontario’s property insurance brokers and get everything sorted in no time.

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Frequently asked questions

Where risks do property insurance covers in Ontario?

As the name suggests, typical property insurance covers damages against the following risks:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Explosions
  • Vandalism
  • Water & fire-related damage
  • Lightning strikes
  • Smoke
  • Electrical current or shocks
  • Storms and hail storms
  • Falling objects like huge rocks, volcanic discharge etc.

If you need specific coverage for your property, do not look further than Reith & Associates for the best and cheapest property insurance quotes in Ontario.

What kind of property insurance is best for me?

The best answer to the question depends on the property details and the kind of risks you want to be covered. Basically, there are three types of insurance covers:

  • Basic coverage protects against specific perils or risks specified in the policy.
  • Broad coverage protects your property against all physical damages but the personal assets are covered for specific risks only.
  • Comprehensive coverage is an all-inclusive policy that covers almost all the risks that may damage your property and the contents. However, it does not offer protection against floods, earthquakes and such uninsurable events.

If you are unsure and/or need more information, reach out to Reith & Associations for a property risk assessment and get instant insurance quotes online.

Which property insurance company offers the lowest rates in Ontario?

There are many insurance companies that top the list of most industry experts including Allstate Insurance, Desjardins Insurance and The Co-operators.

However, at Reith & Associates, we do not act as a brand representative of any insurance company. We are fair, honest and work in the best interest of our clients.

While you want the lowest property insurance rates in Ontario, the first and foremost concern should be getting the maximum coverage for your property at an affordable price. And we can do that for you.

We will explore the options, compare rates and save your time by locking it for you. Reach out to us 24*7 online.

How can I save money on property insurance in Ontario?

  • Try to increase deductibles
  • Consider installing smoke detectors or fire alarms
  • Hire a property maintenance firm that manages your electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems and reduces the frequency of filing insurance claims. You can also consider upgrading your home for better energy efficiency and safety.
  • Buy more insurance policies from the same firm like auto insurance, business insurance, life insurance etc.
  • Instead of monthly, consider annual premium installment.
  • Research online for more competitive insurance quotes.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for a discount.

Can I cancel property insurance?

Yes, you’re free to move on if unhappy with the insurance. But do not forget to continue protecting your property with another insurance policy. Surf the internet, consult an insurance agent or hire an insurance broker for competitive quotes from multiple insurance brands.

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